Revisiting the Biggest Ideas of 2021


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In this last episode of the year, Susan Ryan and Alex Spanko look back at some of the guests and ideas that stuck with the entire Green House Project team from the “Elevate Eldercare” podcast in 2021.

From the importance of inclusion in eldercare settings to the need for collaborative and transformative change, the leaders who joined the podcast this past year brought bold visions for the future rooted in their diverse experiences working in the field.

The end of the year often comes with an urge to look forward – but with new COVID variants ensuring that this pandemic will have no definitive end, it’s more important than ever to look back at the lessons learned to inform the hard work ahead.

Finally, this episode concludes with the voices that are so often unheard in discussions of long-term care reform: the frontline caregivers who work tirelessly to serve elders all year round.

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