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Aaron Kopel is the founder and CEO at Project Brilliant, an agile training, coaching, and consulting company, working to help large organizations become more agile and be able to function more like a startup. Project Brilliant is Aaron’s third startup, and as such, he has learned a lot about his personal strengths and how to apply them within the role of CEO. In my conversation with Aaron, we talked about what it takes to start a new project, how he grew from solo consultancy to a business, and the responsibilities of running a team.

Find the problem. Define it clearly. And then go find someone who has that problem and go talk to them. That’s a good first step so you don’t go down a path of building a lot of stuff and spending a lot of time and energy on something that doesn’t matter. No matter how cool you think it is, you have to find a customer with that problem. -Aaron Kopel

To connect with Aaron, find him on LinkedIn at:, or for more information on Project Brilliant, email Aaron at, or go to their website,

Topics In This Episode

  • What made Aaron jump into the world of entrepreneurship
  • The jobs within the title of a CEO
  • Delegating within a small startup to take advantage of team members skills and passions
  • Using StrengthsFinder to learn about internal strengths and weaknesses, and using that information for team building
  • Pushing back when you don’t agree with a client
  • Creating the time for internal growth, as a company

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