Interview with Nick Smarrelli


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If you are looking for an example of scrappiness in the entrepreneurial journey, look no further than Nick Smarrelli, CEO of GadellNet and host of the Zero Excuses podcast. Like so many others, Nick had found success in his career but realized that by working hard for someone else, he would never be able to reach the peak of his full potential. However, his entrepreneurial journey was not linear.

“To give ourselves the grace of saying, ‘I don’t have to be good at everything,’ has been arguably, the most eye-opening and relieving experience of my life, in terms of knowing I don’t have to be perfect to be a great leader.” -Nick Smarrelli

Nick describes the early days of what it was like to start out, and the importance of having a strong support system, from his wife and the founders of GadellNet. He shares what it was like when he reached a breaking point in his journey, and how the support of those around him helped him move and grow through that experience. We also talk about the role that accountability plays in his core values, both personally and professionally, and how it is reflected among the team members of GadellNet.

To hear more conversations about 100% responsibility and 0% excuses, check out the GadellNet podcast, Zero Excuses at: or connect with Nick on LinkedIn.

Topics in this episode

  • Importance of humility and self-awareness, especially as a leader
  • Learning to say no
  • The effect that having a family has had on his leadership and GadellNet
  • Reaching out to your team when you need help
  • Making core values fundamental to the organization
  • Interview techniques to ensure a good fit between the candidate and the company

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