The Vision Behind Savage to Sage


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Having founded, invested in, and sold multiple companies, Tony Scelzo, has completed the savage to sage journey, and he’s back at it again as the Chief Vision Officer of Ceemless. Tony helped me create and produce the idea behind Savage to Sage, and I’m honored to have him on the pilot episode of the podcast.

Tony believes that as his businesses have grown, it has been equally important for him to grow as well. As a self-described personal development junkie, he has spent a lot of time investing in the mindset aspect of being a leader and a founder.

“Businesses don’t grow unless people do.” -Tony Scelzo

We talk about the fact that no company is built with one person alone, how important it is to approach culture and team-building with intention. And he also shares some of the tools he has used along the way to do both successfully.

“Honest conflict drives clarity of purpose.” -Tony Scelzo

In his current role at Ceemless, he helps entrepreneurs and start-ups with their growth, innovation, and business problems, and he has a lot of insight to share with others that are on that path. To learn more about Ceemless and to connect with Tony, email him at

Topics in this episode

  • Why it is so crucial to understanding your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Asking yourself what motivates you, and using that to your advantage
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Strategies for finding creative solutions for your problems
  • What it means to be a user-friendly human being
  • Tips for team building, and the qualities to look for in the people you surround yourself with
  • The importance of creating a culture where people feel comfortable with failure

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