A Nuanced Critique of Subtlety, with Chevy Ray


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ETAO Podcast, Episode 105.

Chevy Ray has been making games for a long time now—though most of them are currently tough to play; RIP Flash—but is probably best known for Ikenfell, a tactical RPG about going to magic school, working through difficult relationships, and petting a great many cats.

Here Chevy talks about what it means to keep an RPG character-focused, the difference between nuance and subtlety, his love of “setpiece games,” and the significant hidden benefits of pursuing accessibility.
Petronella and Rook standing in a forest encampment, listening to Maritte, who is saying 'And when we find her, she and I need to have a long talk...'
You can get Ikenfell on Steam Humble, GOG, PlayStation, Xbox (where it’s included in GamePass), and Switch. You can get the soundtrack on Bandcamp.

• That game Chevy was talking about was Genital Jousting.

Chevy’s episode of Eggplant is just wonderful.

Cherry Thompson is definitely a person you should know.

• As is Ikenfell’s lead sensitivity consultant, Joanna Blackheart.

• Those interested in accessibility in games can also check out Can I Play That? and these game accessibility guidelines.

• And here’s that Bryce Johnson talk.

• If you do want to play the Linda & Joan prologue, “Four Months Earlier,” before listening to the next episode, you can do so here.
“All The People Say (Season 4)” by Drew Messinger-Michaels.
“Stuck Together 2” and “Paint the Future – Ima’s Theme – Battle 3 (Instrumental)” from the Ikenfell OST by aivi & surasshu.

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