Season One Finale: "Exiles on Main Street" with Brian Zahnd


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Welcome to the season one finale of The Messy Spirituality Podcast: "Exiles on Main Street" featuring Brian Zahnd. Brian serves as Pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri. He is also the author of several incredible books such as: "Water to Wine", "Beauty Will Save the World", "Farewell to Mars", "Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God", and his timely book for the moment we're currently in "Postcards From Babylon". In this conversation, we discuss Brian's spiritual evolution, learning that God is like Jesus, non-violence, the white evangelical church in the Trump era, and the Martin Sheen movie that changed his life (and mine!) and a lot more. I think you're really going to enjoy this conversation. Even if, like me, you're an avid listener of Brian's many other podcast appearances, we definitely cover some ground in this conversation that I haven't heard discussed in previous interviews. You can subscribe to Brian's sermon podcast here. You can read Brian's blog here. Check out the forthcoming "Postcards From Babylon" documentary featuring Brian on the Camino. The film releases on January 21, 2021. You can follow Brian on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can follow our podcast on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please join our private Facebook group exclusively for listeners of this podcast, Messy Conversations. Be sure to answer the quick membership questions for fast approval! Please be sure to subscribe to, rate, and review this podcast on your podcast platform of choice to help new ears find their way to us. Finally, please consider helping make this podcast possible by becoming a patron with a monthly pledge of $5 or more via Patreon. That's a wrap for us for season one! On behalf of our incredible sound engineer, "The Podcast Doctor" Eric Howell, and myself, thank you so much for listening! We plan to return with all new episodes in January. In the meantime, I'll be posting plenty of new content over on Patreon exclusively for our beloved patrons. We really appreciate all of your support! Thanks for listening!

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