Kinda Cute - Ep. 111 - Jake Gyllenhaal is Shaking and Gimli Reveals if He is Team Aragorn or Legolas


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Kinda Cute is a podcast about The Cut by New York Magazine and niche pop culture/internet culture.

On this week’s ep:

*November 12 and the adjacent days were HUGE for pop culture: Paris Hilton got married!!, Nicole Richie was there! It was rare…speaking of Taylor released her version of Red and a Short Film for All Too Well (Jake Lyon…are you real? Please stand up.), Countess Luann dropped her Christmas music video AND the teaser for the SATC reboot, And Just Like That dropped.

*Biden lets out a fart and Camilla Parker Bowles can’t stop talking about it?

*Keiran Culkin is in fact Macaulay Culkin’s bro

*My brother interviews John Rys Davies aka Gimli and finds out if he is an Aragorn or Legolas guy

*Jacque Torres is a chocolate angel

Articles Discussed:

Trey’s Interview with John Ryhs Davies and Brittany Bristow:

Legit: Watch Minor Premise on Hulu!

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