Interview with Anthony Scandariato, Managing Partner, Red Knight Properties


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00:50 Introduction to Anthony

2:37 From underperforming student to college entrepreneur

7:20 What it was like at an Ivy League school and having the entrepreneurial bug

8:58 Selling sunglasses and sweatshirts and entering commercial real estate

10:28 One of the pivotal books that got me interested in real estate

12:14 Going all in January 2020 with Red Knight Properties

17:45 Leveraging experience and networks and growing to an $80 million real estate business

20:47 Adding value to the community through education

23:55 Setting up the firm and our target markets

27:43 Investment thesis and screening deals

31:35 The purpose behind what we are doing at Red Knight Properties

35:03 Sourcing deals

37:40 Partnering with our investors and developing a reputation of performing

41:09 Systems and the operating model at Red Knight Properties

45:33 Bumps along the way and growing pains

48:10 Getting the information you need as a real estate investor

50:21 Legislation, taxes, and will anything change for RE investors and developers

53:13 Managing a company, producing content, and structuring my week

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