Interview with Michael Gracie, Principal, AVL Growth Partners


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1:12 Background

8:42 The rise of the fractional CFO

14:02 Indications it may be time to consider a fractional CFO

17:34 The typical engagement and what we do as fractional CFOs

24:35 The skill sets of an executive team and where a fractional CFO makes sense

29:06 Bringing a different perspective than the founders

35:04 Discussion of VC and PE-backed companies

36:44 SAFEs

38:06 Differentiation in VC and PE

40:44 Evolution of the PE industry and model

43:00 Platforms at PE firms, succession planning, and more

46:21 Governance and interacting with the ownership and the board

49:51 Dealing with supply chain challenges today

54:51 Today's business owners versus those from prior eras

57:01 Continual learning and consuming information to share with clients

1:00:34 Recharging, refocusing, and more

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