034 - SEO Goals, Strategies and Tactics


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While SEO is only a part of the overall marketing campaign, its importance cannot be understated, as it helps propel the campaign toward its goal. We must understand, as well, the difference between strategy and tactics, since most of the time, these two concepts are confused. Which is the blueprint and which is the implementing tool? We'll dive into this topic in this episode of SEO Leverage Podcast to help you clarify your SEO goals.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Prologue

00:25 Introduction of the topic

01:07 How is SEO success measured in terms of lead generation?

03:23 Strategy vs Tactics in an SEO campaign.

04:47 Why is it crucial that the SEO company you hire knows what your goals are?

05:54 End


The ERICA SEO Framework:


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