Ep 25 - How Much Does Google Really Understand with Dixon Jones


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How sure are you that Google understands text? Well, we know that Google understands text to some degree but not everything. Google has been changing its algorithm in the last few years and for sure will constantly change based on new developments. Think about it, one of the most important things Google has to do is match what the user types into the search bar to a search result. We are in for an insightful conversation with our guest Dixon Jones, in today’s episode of SEO Leverage podcast. Dixon is an international SEO Speaker, an Internet Marketing advisor and is a PageRank specialist.

Podcast Highlights:

00:00 Podcast Intro

00:33 Welcoming of the guest Dixon Jones

01:28 Dixon Jones’ background and the companies he helped build.

03:38 His transition from link based analysis to page analysis.

05:53 How much does Google really understand about text on keyword search? (...How has Google algorithms changed?)

10:06 The evolution from text to topics or ideas to entities and the relationship of the contexts.

15:37 What are co-occurrences in electronically stored networks of texts or words?

17:59 What InLinks does in the content optimization space?

19:31 What's the role of API in processing algorithms and the two things it does?

23:21 The difference between Wikipedia and Google in terms of their database and entities.

27:24 How does structured data markup help machines cut through the long process of trying to interpret and understand content?

31:09 Gert's quick recap

32:34 What are the three things content creators should have or do to make sure that Google optimize their content and index it properly?

44:12 Where to connect?

44:22 End

Connect with Dixon Jones:

Website: https://dixonjones.com/

Website: https://inlinks.net/ - there's a free version that you can try


How PageRank works in practice YouTube video presentation - https://youtu.be/3sOF6twdoHg

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