16: Cults 101 - What is a cult, Heaven's Gate, Jim Jones, NXIVM, Scientology, Osho, Why We Need To Know About Cults When You're Awake, Spiritual Connections, & More!


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☽Episode 16: Cults 101☾

From the quirky & seemingly harmless to the violent & dangerous, cults are an intriguing topic of conversation. We talk about what defines a cult and why it is important for us to understand this from an awakened perspective. Many of these cults are operating from a core of Truth that has been bastardized by the ego of the leader, often power hungry and narcisitic, but sometimes misguided and mentally unstable. We go over some details from our "favorite" cults and discuss interesting facts about them that we discovered in our research. Grab your koolaid and buckle up, we're getting culty!

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