075: Miles Grimes: The Hill I will Die on is my Kids


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In this episode, Miles Grimes shares an even deeper story to how he came into this movement for health freedom. We share a common ‘hill’ we would both certainly die on and that is our kids. The ability to preserve the world they will inherit from us and best prepare them to live and lead in that world is everything.

In the past year, this father, activist, and man behind highly popular Instagram account: @cv19vaccinereactions (more recently @cvr_overandover) has been deplatformed 11 times. He has been thrust into the limelight collaborating with some of the top leaders in the Health Freedom Movement because he collected critical information about the CV19 Injection and provided a space for the global citizens to tell their stories about harm caused by this unsafe, untested shot.

He has been deplatformed 9 times and counting having up to 152,000 followers in his largest account and a direct message log of reports that would take months to get through.

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