Episode 14: Memorial Day Special "Garry Owen" - Guest: Oklahoma native, Sgt. Brian Wofford 1-7 cav, 1st cavalry division; US Army Brian


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On this Episode Brad Biggs and Johnathan Grissom set down with Sgt. Brian Wofford 1-7 cav, 1st cavalry division; US Army Brian, an Oklahoma native, received the Purple Heart for wounds sustained engaging the enemy in Iraq in September of 2004. By the time he came around to grasp the gravity of the situation, he was in a hospital bed having had one leg amputated, and the other in terrible shape. Brian takes us on a deep dive into his story. From fairly humble beginnings in rural Oklahoma, to Iraq in the middle of a war. Brain recounts the events of that day, and how life in his post-military service days have been.

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Special Guest: Brian Wofford.

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