Episode 6: Just Play The Music and Rock the Party!- An Intervew with Preethi a Resident DJ in OKC, OK


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Local Earshot - Episode 6- Just Play The Music and Rock the Party! - An Interview with Preethi a Resident DJ in OKC, OK

Brad Biggs, Johnathan Grissom, Wilson Powerz talk with Preethi an Oklahoma City Resident DJ. Preethi has been DJ for 10+ years and been in the Nightlife industry for much longer. Join us as we talk about DJ life, the effect on the community the pandemic had, and how Preethi is using online platforms such as Twitch to keep on performing from her own home. Preethi has play gigs in clubs in major cities all over the US. She also a Funeral Director, recently her two careers have organically came together with the Twitch handle undertaker_preethi. As Preethi said duing the show "Just Play The Music and Rock the Party!" - Let's Talk about Music!

Special Guest: Preethi Chaparala.

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