230: Anthony Metzger on Closing a $11M Deal with ZERO Real Estate Experience!


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Anthony Metzger had never done a real estate deal in his life. He literally had ZERO experience, but after listening to a podcast about apartment syndication he knew he wanted to do something big.

So, he found a private equity firm that was actively syndicating deals, reached out to them, and asked how he could add value. Their answer was to find an apartment building that met their investment criteria. He spent the next year and a half educating himself, calling brokers, sourcing deals, underwriting deals, and making offers. 18 months later, he presented a deal to the syndication firm and they closed on it.

This was his first deal ever, and it was a 218-unit apartment complex that they purchased for $11M!

In my conversation with Anthony, you’ll learn exactly how he was able to make it happen, despite not having any credibility, leverage, or experience.

Key Takeaways with Anthony Metzger

  • How Anthony partnered with an active syndicator to close on a 218-unit deal—with no experience!
  • Building a relationship with a syndicator who has never heard of you.
  • The secret to Anthony’s success that anyone can model.
  • The power of the first deal—and why it’s so important to get your reps in!
  • How to add value to a property by reducing expenses.
  • How to avoid looking like an amateur in front of brokers, and increase your credibility so they will take you seriously.
  • Questions you can ask brokers’ to control the conversation. A great tactic for increasing your deal flow.\
  • How you can get more practice analyzing deals.

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