Mitch Albom: “What We Choose to Carry is Actually What Ends Up Defining Us”


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When sportswriter Mitch Albom started meeting with his former professor Morrie Schwartz toward the end of Morrie’s life, Mitch had no idea the impact those meetings would have — not only on him, but around the world. Mitch compiled those lessons into a book, and, nearly twenty-five years and 17 million copies of Tuesdays with Morrie later, Mitch Albom continues to apply the lessons learned from Morrie to live a richer and more purposeful life. Throughout this conversation, Hoda and Mitch connect on love, loss and legacy. As Mitch so beautifully details in this emotional conversation, “what we choose to fill our arms with, and what we choose to carry is actually what ends up defining us.”

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