Resonance Frequency, How the Body Reveals Stress Levels, Heart Rates in Sync With Others and More with Dr. Leah Lagos!


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Leah Lagos Psy.D, B.C.B. is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in health and performance psychology and is known for her pioneering work in HRV biofeedback. Dr. Lagos treats a broad range of disorders and performance challenges. Her expertise includes strategies to reduce anxiety, boost resilience to adversity, and enhance health.

She offers a framework for clients to clarify their needs, achieve their goals and increase their effectiveness. Areas commonly explored include self-regulation, mindfulness, strengthening introspective sensitivity, oscillating between dynamic physiological states for peak performance, emotional pivoting, how to let go from the heart, shifting one’s relationship with pain, maximizing flow, dynamic leadership and resilience.

In this episode you'll learn:

-How Dr. Lagos became interested in studying HRV...01:30

-How athletes paying attention to HRV translates to success in other areas of life...06:55

-How to look to the body to assess our stress levels...09:56

-The lowest hanging fruit in addressing poor HRV levels...15:25

-Why you shouldn't freak out if you appear to have lower HRV levels than others...23:02

-The importance of resonance frequency...26:09

-How to get back in sync with the pre-pandemic "old normal"...41:23

-How to go about engaging with the breath and improving HRV...54:47

Resources mentioned:

Dr. Lagos' website

Heart Breath Mind by Dr. Leah Lagos

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@drleahlagos on Instagram

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