6. New Year's Resolutions: Why They Often Fail And Tips & Tools To Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve


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It’s that time of year where we promise ourselves that we’re really going to stick to the goals that we set on January 1st. This year, let’s make it happen. Today, we’re digging into the thought work around New Year’s resolutions. We discuss why vague and lofty goals usually don’t work out, and how to make an action plan that works for you instead. Tune in to learn more about how you can transform your relationship with New Year’s resolutions and truly make 2022 your year.


  • Why New Year's resolutions have a bad reputation and usually don’t work.
  • Ashley G’s ‘90 Day Outcome’ technique for setting relevant and attainable goals.
  • Creating the belief systems to support your goals.
  • ‘I Am’ inspiration boards and shifting away from negatively-worded resolutions.
  • Questions to help prompt your end-of-year reflection and goal setting.


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( 1:07 ) Welcome back to Do The Thought Work.

( 2:12 ) Ashley H. shares a mindful moment from a listener.

( 3:54 ) Ashley G. introduces the topic of the episode: New Year’s resolutions and goal setting.

( 6:34 ) Ashley H. shares the 3 common reasons why New Year’s resolutions don’t work.

( 7:29 ) Ashley H. shares reasons why New Year’s resolutions don’t work.

( 9:19 ) Ashley H. talks about her process for creating goals, starting with reflecting on the past year.

( 10:32 ) Ashley G. talks about creating goals that match your mission statement and values.

( 11:59 ) Ashley G. talks about how to create belief systems that help you reach your goals.

( 13:46 ) Ashley H. and Ashley G. discuss the importance of having a bulletproof ‘why’ behind each goal.

( 17:32 ) Ashley H. and Ashley G talk about shifting the focus from overall failure to smaller milestones you achieved instead.

( 19:48 ) Ashley G. says, “You can only fail if you quit.”

( 21:08 ) Ashley G. explains the ‘90 Day Outcome’ method.

( 23:20 ) Ashley G. shares two quotes that inspire her to take action and stick to her goals

( 24:24 ) Ashley H. shares two quotes that keep her on track when she’s setting goals.

( 27:14 ) Ashley H starts off the recap and says, “A negative outlook on resolutions is due to our thoughts that we have around them, not our ability to to achieve them or not.”

( 27:33 ) Ashley G. says, “Your results are a direct reflection of your thoughts.”

( 28:21 ) Ashley H. says, “We need to get specific with our goals.”

( 28:59 ) Ashley G. says, “Practice rituals that support your goals and who you want to become this year.”

( 29:57 ) Ashley H. says, “This is ultimately a practice of self care, self development and self awareness, and we have to be willing to have the courage to prioritize ourselves starting now.”

( 30:26 ) Ashley H. and Ashley G. end the episode by asking listeners to rate and review on Apple Podcasts, and screenshot the episode and share it on Instagram.

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