EP221 - Your Body Is Talking. Are You Paying Attention? with Tara Galeano


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Welcome to episode 221 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I'm delighted to welcome back Tara Galeano to the podcast. In this episode, Tara talks to me about her new book; “Rediscovering My Body”, how sex can be a form of healing and looking at the processing that needs to take place to heal sexual dysfunction.

Author Tara Galeano has worked with women for over two decades to get their sexy back. She knows that there is pleasure in the body, beyond our wildest dreams, and every woman can access it. In the "Rediscovering My Body" book, Tara teaches women how to show up for pleasure in their lives. She rediscovered her own body after leaving her twenty-five-year marriage. Realizing that she had given so much of herself away, she knew that she needed to come back to the body's inherent wisdom.

Through reconnecting with her body, Tara was able to understand what was right and pleasurable for her, how best to proceed from this wisdom, and most importantly, how to teach these lessons to other women who are clamoring for the same truths so that they too could transform their lives and reclaim their sensuality. Now Tara has embodied this path and is moving forward to share this with women everywhere!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why Tara decided to write her new book “Rediscovering My Body”
  • Learning to deal with residual emotions
  • How sex can be a form of healing
  • The way in which self-love fosters healing
  • The barriers that get in the way of women experiencing embodiment
  • How you can change the conversation you have with your body
  • Reacquainting with your body
  • Understanding the need to have patience and give yourself time
  • Overcoming frustration
  • Working on open communication with your partner
  • Acknowledging and working on emotions that can resurface
  • The processing that needs to take place to heal sexual dysfunction


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