EP222 - Genital Herpes & Your Sex Life with Bianca Hughes


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Welcome to episode 222 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I'm delighted to welcome Bianca Hughes to the podcast. In this episode, Bianca talks to me about the myths and misconceptions around genital herpes, navigating sexuality with religion and learning to make peace with your diagnosis.

Bianca specializes in perfectionism, helping people embrace their imperfections and authentically be themselves. She helps clients work through concerns of self-worth, unhealthy relationships, identity, or feeling overwhelmed. Her approach within therapy is direct but open, meeting clients where they are, providing them freedom to change when they’re ready. She believes in empowering and equipping people with skills, tools, and resources they can utilize for life.

In addition, her passion is to eliminate mental health stigmas, which are prevalent within the black community. As well as eliminating the gap between Christianity and therapy. Bianca is a licensed professional counsellor in Georgia, podcast host, speaker and authenticity coach.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How Bianca became interested in working in this area
  • How Bianca found the courage to tell her story
  • The myths and misconceptions around genital herpes
  • Analysing the risks of genital herpes
  • Ways in which you can share with a potential partner you have genital herpes
  • Understanding that STI’s are very common
  • How Bianca navigates her sexuality with her religion
  • Why women should fully embrace their sexual power
  • Learning to make pace with your diagnosis
  • Distinguishing between identity and diagnosis... You are not you’re diagnosis


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Confidently Living with Genital Herpes with Bianca Hughes

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