EP228 - What Research Says About Sexual Boredom with Leonor de Oliveira


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Welcome to episode 228 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I'm delighted to welcome Leonor de Oliveira, MSc to the podcast. In this episode, Leonor de Oliveira speaks to me about the issue of sexual boredom, looking at hypersexuality and how infidelity can affect sexual boredom.

Leonor de Oliveira, MSc in Psychology, is a Clinical Psychologist credited by the Portuguese Board of Psychologists and Sexual Therapist by the Portuguese Society of Clinical Sexology. Currently integrates Porto University’s Centre for Psychology as a researcher, and the Doctoral Program in Human Sexuality as a student. Her main research topic is sexual boredom and its relationships with individual, relationship, and systemic aspects. She runs the social media account on Instagram @prontoadespir, where she promotes evidence based sexual education and advocates for sexual rights. Outside of the sexuality field she has mainly worked in the context of crisis intervention and short-term therapy in EAP settings.

* The literal translation of “Pronto a despir” is “ready to undress” - a word play with the French expression “Prêt-à-porter” that means “ready to wear”. This project started as a blog in 2014 and last year made its comeback on Instagram.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • How did Leonor become interested in sexual boredom?
  • The importance of love and connection
  • Creating space for passion and sexual excitement
  • How is sexual boredom defined?
  • The need to show up to help overcome sexual boredom
  • Looking at hyper sexuality
  • Why novelty and stimulation may not be enough to improve sexual boredom
  • The ways infidelity can affect sexual boredom
  • Discussion around the movie “Unas” and it’s portrayal of these issues

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