650: Growth in Challenging Times with Brian Johnson


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Growth in Challenging Times

Brian Johnson, Main & Johnson

– The Sharkpreneur podcast with Seth Greene Episode 650 Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is the Founder and Owner of Main & Johnson, a Charlotte, North Carolina, based Business Consulting & Coaching company, aimed at seeing small to medium-sized businesses thrive, not just survive. Main & Johnson partners with business owners to bridge the gap between what success they have had and the success they seek. Brian and his team specialize in driving accountability, long-term growth, and accelerated results with an outside perspective to blend with business owners’ knowledge and experience.

Brian has a strong background in building multimillion-dollar business units within Fortune-500 companies. His background includes creating commercial strategies, which incorporates segmentation of markets for several regions, P&L management, and organizational design. Brian is a persuasive and adaptable top-performer who is skilled in establishing, managing, and mentoring key executives and business owners as well as individual contributors in a business. He has a passion for changing the cultural fabric of people leadership, marketing, and sales in companies by empowering teams to exceed goals. Whether a business leader is trying to break through a plateau, scale-up, or plan for an exit, Brian is the strategy ninja for the job.

Listen to this illuminating Sharkpreneur episode with Brian Johnson about growth during challenging times.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

● How many people have great ideas who need help driving future success.

● Why business owners need everything in order to have a successful launch.

● How most business owners have their 10th year figured out, not their first year.

● Why businesses can’t get the bottom line they need without a good top line.

● How raising prices allows business owners to find their true price buyers.

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