661: Florida Estate Planning with Stephen Garcia-Vidal


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661: Florida Estate Planning, Stephen Garcia-Vidal, epdglaw.com

Florida Estate Planning

Stephen Garcia-Vidal, epdglaw.com

– The Sharkpreneur podcast with Seth Greene Episode 661 Stephen Garcia-Vidal

Stephen Garcia-Vidal’s practice specializes on wills, trusts, probate, guardianship, estate planning, commercial and residential real estate closings, and corporate transactions.

Stephen Garcia-Vidal, Esq. has been practicing law since 1998 in Florida. Prior to attending William Mitchell College of Law where he received his JD, Stephen attended the University of Miami where he received the Bowman-Ashe Scholarship.

Stephen Garcia-Vidal, Esquire has several years of experience in both Residential and Commercial Real Estate closings, representation of lenders in closings and foreclosures, management of title companies, and resolving title issues. As a fluent English and Spanish speaker, Stephen Garcia-Vidal is able to provide his assistance to a wide variety of clients.

Listen to this illuminating Sharkpreneur episode with Stephen Garcia-Vidal about Florida estate planning.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

● Why estate planning costs less than paying for probate.

● How not having a will or a trust is the most common mistake people make.

● Why having good SEO and good word of mouth helps grow your business.

● How attorneys and accountants and great sources for estate planning referrals.

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