175: The Secret to Owning the Wedding Business You Want


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I'm humbled to welcome back Candice Coppola to the podcast. Candice was an early supporter of me and the show and it's always a delightful and very educational experience for me to get to speak with her for the podcast.

Candice is sharing her actionable plan for you to uncover The Secret to Owning the Business you WANT.

Candice Coppola is an author, podcast host, and entrepreneur who believes that if you want your dream business - you have to become the owner that dream business needs. As a successful entrepreneur who grew a business from the spare bedroom of her home into a multi-country, multi-six figure company - it's safe to say she's navigated the bumpy road of entrepreneurship.

Her 5-star podcast, The Power in Purpose, explores how to build a profitable business with purpose—and the stories behind successful entrepreneurs who have. Candice's work and voice can be seen in many publications, but most recently and most notably in her two books The White Dress in Color: Inspirations for the Modern Bride and The White Dress Destinations: The Definitive Guide to Planning the New Destination Wedding.

Her favorite color is pink, she's obsessed with all things skincare + bravo TV, she's always overdressed, and now lives in beautiful Barbados with her husband and two pups.

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