186: Stop Hiding from Your Clients with Megan Gillikin


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JOIN THE MARKETING SPRINT: https://www.theplannersvault.com/shecreatesbusiness Are you hiding from your clients?

This is the question we're asking in Episode 186 of the She Creates Business Podcast.

As a marketing coach, I often see wedding pros hiding from their clients. I don't mean they're not on IG Stories (though that's a piece of the puzzle).

I mean they're not marketing in a meaningful and impactful way that brings in clients and revenue.

I've brought my friend Megan Gillikin from Weddings for Real and The Planner's Vault onto the podcast today to help you break that cycle!

It's time to step out of the same patterns that are NOT working and step into a culture of in-house marketing that will change your booking rate and your revenue. JOIN THE MARKETING SPRINT: https://www.theplannersvault.com/shecreatesbusiness

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