187: How to Build Wealth Through Investing with Ashley M. Fox


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Register for The Wedding Summit Series happening February 22nd-26th, 2021! And don't forget to forward me your receipt if you purchase the All-Access Pass! Today on Episode 187 of the She Creates Business Podcast I'm honored to welcome Ashley M. Fox as our guest.

Ashley is a former Wall Street Analyst who pivoted in her illustrious career to offer investment and wealth-building advice and strategies to everyday people like you and me. Ashley M. Fox is a former Wall Street analyst, a Howard University grad, and she is now an expert in her field as a Financial Education Specialist. After helping manage money for both millionaires and billionaires, during her career on Wall Street, Ashley felt that it was her God-given purpose to financially empower those Wall Street would never talk to. This passion lead her to quit her job and start her own company; EMPIFY. Empify (merging of the words EMPower and modIFY), is a financial ed-tech start up created to show both adults and children how to build wealth. Empify focuses on the creation of life-altering programs and informative digital content curated to teach all aspects of financial education in the classroom, online, and on their WealthBuilders Community app. Since 2014, Empify has reached thousands of individuals, and its programs have been implemented in over 50 different schools and organizations across the country. Since leaving her Wall Street career, Ashley has used her message to educate the world as a financial contributor for Forbes, and as a profound international speaker. Ashley is now a highly sought-after financial expert who has been featured on international tours, college campuses, and keynote speaking platforms. Her work and story have been featured on Jim Cramer’s “The Street”, Yahoo Finance, Rolling Out Magazine, Philly.com, Fox News, ABC, Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine, and Forbes.

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