#S2E07 Shelf Impactors™ Feeling the Pressure to be More Productive


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#S2E07 Shelf Impactors™ 'Feeling the Pressure to be More Productive' with Mark Grey and Lisa Hastings Mark and Lisa again follow on from their previous podcast (Episode 6 -Resilience and Creative Grit) to discuss their latest 'lockdown' experiences and moreover delve into the feeling many of us are enduring right now: 1. Feeling the pressure to be more productive - Mark and Lisa discuss each of their attitudes to the subject of pressure? - They discuss the method of defining where the pressure many of us feel stems from. 2. Establishing our own source of motivation - Mark and Lisa talk through how each of them do this! - And offer advice on how they each define their own sense of purpose and motivation 3. Recent brand observations in the creative world… - Mark and Lisa talk through what has caught their attention in the last couple of weeks in the world of brands --------------------------------- Additional reference links: NY Times Article: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/01/style/productivity-coronavirus.html Stockdale Paradox: https://bigthink.com/personal-growth/stockdale-paradox-confronting-reality-vital-success --------------------------------- Lisa Hastings: LinkedIn - @lisahastings Twitter - @shoebox20 Instagram - @shoebox20 www.lisahastings.me/ Mark Grey: Website - www.bluenectardesign.co.uk Twitter - @bluenectar Instagram - @bluenectardesign LinkedIn - Mark Grey

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