#S2E15 Shelf Impactors™ Wellness Trends for 2021 and beyond


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#S2E15 Shelf Impactors™ 'Wellness Trends' (Wellness Trends for 2021 and beyond) with Mark Grey and Lisa Hastings Wellness trends for the Brand New World! Mark and Lisa break wellness down into a few categories - discuss how this crazy year has made us all rethink so many aspects of 'wellbeing' - from the rise in Sanitiser (and Bold Pivot catalysts) to the need to take time out - but in! 1. THE NOVEMBER CHALLENGE CHECK IN! - Lisa on Keto - Mark on Carnivore 2. SLEEP - Hacking circadian rhythms, neutraceuticals - CBD and beyond… 3. MINDFULNESS - Rise in meditation apps and nootropics (natural brain calming in a year of Anxiety) - Loneliness, how are we learning to be more connected 4. IMMUNITY - Foods/ diet trends (nutrition hacking)/vitamins 5. EXERCISE - Virtual worlds - HUGE rise in tech. 6. THE FUTURE OF WELLNESS/ WELLBEING - what excites us most about the future in the WELLNESS Space? --------------------------------- Additional reference links: Functional Beverages https://www.beveragedaily.com/Article/2020/11/21/Free-Rain-founder-The-original-brand-name-was-Trip-but-people-thought-we-were-taking-them-on-a-different-kind-of-journey Nootropics https://www.farrinstitute.org/best-nootropics/ Ikea - DIY Dementia friendly homes https://www.dezeen.com/2020/11/15/hack-care-ikea-diy-dementia-friendly-homes/ Dan Schawbel asks Dr. Edith Eger about the Holocaust https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/5-questions-with-dan-schawbel/id1401344839?i=1000499892631 --------------------------------- Lisa Hastings: Website - www.lisahastings.me Twitter - @shoebox20 Instagram - @shoebox20 LinkedIn - Lisa Hastings Mark Grey: Website - www.bluenectardesign.co.uk Twitter - @bluenectar Instagram - @bluenectardesign LinkedIn - Mark Grey

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