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COVID will not propel spiritual growth – When we started this journey the majority of Faith Leaders felt the COVID experience in our nation would turn people’s hearts toward spiritual renewal and revival. The data has dropped from 50% believing it would cause a renewal to presently there are only a few that still hold to that belief. WOW! This is shocking in terms of the radical shift of perspective. I am not attempting to cast judgement in any direction. I am simply saying this dramatic shift indicates the influence of our national mindset as a result of the pandemic. Do we need a spiritual awakening? YES, a thousand times over!

Struggle Between “Re-opening Vs Gov’t Restrictions – Pastors are struggling with the tension of obeying Civic Leaders by Social Distancing, Masks and Sanitizer Stations. 9 of 10 Pastors agree that the church should be lead by example. However, the tension 6 of 10 pastors say they should do what is right for their church despite restrictions. It is obvious this is a real tug of war that is taking place. The most glaring case would be Grace Community Church, Pastor John MacArthur and the city leaders of Sun Valley California. You can read an official position paper from the church leadership and Elders. I believe that part of this type of struggle has been set up because of the intellectual dishonesty of our national news outlets and media stations.

Emotional Well-Being of Pastors – On the dashboard of metric measurements, the emotional condition of Ministers is a FLASHING RED-LIGHT! Data suggests that 1 in 5 ministers are below average to poor in terms of emotional well being. This is 10x worse of a report that only 10 years ago. Ministers are struggling emotionally.

Winners & Losers – In terms of technology pivoting it is obvious that some churches have done this very well while others are still struggling with this medium. However, in terms of winners and losers we need to pay attention to our youngest of ministers that have only been in ministry 5 years or less. This group is in a severe crisis of belief and conviction on whether to stay or leave the ministry. In fact there are some reports of leaving.

What are some leadership principles that can be drawn from these themes?

First and foremost CLARITY is needed in the face of a crisis. A crisis generates uncertainty meaning you must break from routines – they are non-existent in times of crisis,

Secondly, bringing clarity in a crisis disruption means that new strategies must emerge – you need to point in a new direction. Do not point backward to what we had and are now missing. Face the future with confidence, excitement and energy.

Thirdly, let old models die. They are problematic to sustain in a crisis because you are always in a posture of looking backward and not to the future. Sustain a marriage with the mission and not the model.

Fourthly, Seek insurgency, meaning look for new innovations never attempted. Isn’t this what we ask of our missionaries – invade a culture with a methodology that works in context.

Fifth, redefine what a WIN looks like. In a crisis disruption a win is not necessarily campus specific – rather it may be environment specific! Askwhat ideas do our schools need? Do we need a pantry ministry? What should we be doing to help Family Systems? Parenting? Marriages?

Sixth, Lead with “Humanity” instead of acting like a Manager! People need humans in seasons of brokenness, not business principles and strategies. Be Human when you show up in another person’s life!


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