Layered Disruptions


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I want to start this Podcast with some data points for context. Pre-COVID 3 of 5 Youth were walking away from the church. This is a fact that many did not even realize. Many leaders were tone deaf because of their own echo chamber – Everything is OK here!

Millennials and Gen-Zers live a boundary-driven world. They have broader associations and world views. These two segments of our population average 3,000 hours per year in front of a screen. Compare this with 300 hours per year the average church attendee spends in front of screen. I believe it is safe to say that our two youngest generations currently are living in “Digital Babylon.”

The real challenge for church leaders is balancing a “Dial-up Ministry” while living in a digital world? Simply broadcasting facility-based worship services into a digital world does not necessarily mean that we are connecting with citizens of this Digital Babylon.

The real challenge is developing “Native Digital Content.” I am not pretending to have the answers on this issue. I am in the process of learning like everyone else. What I can say is that it is different. In communicating Biblical content we must understand that Adults and Youth are equally illiterate. The messaging method is different between these age groups.

Consider that your brain processes printed words on a page at a rate of 100 bits/second. Your brain processes pictures at a rate of 1 billion bi/second. The old adage that a picture is worth a 1000 words should be modified to 10 million. I use this illustration to say that successful digital methods must be more than content consumption – It must be visually engaging.

We can compete with the idols of our time by producing better books, movies, and content – Mark Batterson. Michael Angelo stated, “Criticize by creating!”

I personally sense the church is being called out and away from false ideologies, idols, assumptions, narratives, identity, and securities. It appears the faith community has been living with an anticipation of Acts 2:47 – “… the Lord added daily such as were being saved.” We have glossed over the previous verse that discusses the daily activity of prayers, breaking bread, and favor with the community. Why are we looking for daily blessings when we only meet once a week?

Is this a time for an awakening of attempting to bless a city instead of building a church. DO NOT BECOME DISCOURAGED! Let’s understand that a crisis clarifies Mission and Values. Change is accelerated in the context of a crisis. I am excited about leading a REVIVAL instead of building a church. The evil that we are witnessing is an APOLOGETIC – Evil is real, Enemies exist – but GOD is bigger!

My prayer is to be awake for the signs of REVIVAL in my city!


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