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I asked a question earlier; What does 9/11 and COVID Pandemic have to do with the Graduating Class of 2020? The answer; They were all born in the 9/11 era in which we faced terrorism on American soil. It was a global Terrorist concern. This class graduated with a Global shut-down due to COVID-19. It is a Biological warfare concern coupled with Racism.

Just let this fact sink into your spirit for just a minute. Gen Z-ers is the generation that will be most impacted by COVID-19. That being said, pause and think about how we are currently attempting to re-open our church and its various ministries. Here are some probing insights and questions to reflect upon.

Parents are stressed out! They were thrust into a scenario of becoming overnight schoolmasters to make sure their child’s digital homework was being accomplished so that can pass their grade or graduate. They have been thrust into a digital work-at-home strategy. There is a lack of children’s activity!

At the same time they are very concerned about putting their child into large group activity. Yes, there is pressure and stress. Consider also that as of December 19, 2019 there was no real online option for Family Ministry. It is needed more now than ever. The North American Church has not made this shift of ministry. For example, how is the church helping Parents with conversation with their 12-14 year old’s regarding the riots, looting and fires in our 24/7 news cycle? How do you keep toddlers socially distant? What happens when there is no Summer Camps to attend? Yes, Parents are a bit stressed!

Question: How do you put the heart of humanity and church into a digital format? All of us are social creatures, especially our children. We have come to learn once again that old fashion pen-to-paper is one of the most effective means of communicating heart, concern, and genuine care for another person.

Consider that 3 of 5 Pastors state their engagement with children and youth has declined. Only 1 in 3 churches have a digital plan that is operational for children and youth. If your church has such a plan, you are clearly in the minority – Congrats are in order, however. Moving forward, our digital platforms are here to stay and should improve. The power of reach has become obvious. If the church does not provide the necessary resources to survive in our new reality, Parents will Google for help. The problem with that, however, is they may not be getting the best help or biblically based help.

In Mark’s Gospel narrative of the Bible, chapter 9 tells of a parent’s concern for his son. There are two key insights in this narrative, The parent pleads for help and yet acknowledges the Disciples were powerless to help. Jesus is the answer for the world today – He heals the concerned father’s son. The disciples ask why they could not perform that miracle. Jesus simply responded that some things only come through prayer. A new Spiritual Authority is needed to face desperate times!


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