The Covid Journey Continues


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Covid seems to be the gift that keeps on giving! Here are some data points for review.

•23% of families have been severely impacted – There is a need for holistic family systems training.

•Top Pastoral emotions for the week: 18% anxious, 14% tired, 35% hopeful, 48% state that Kids and Youth Ministry are top priorities.

•78% of parents are stressed because of COVID.•Children’s education shows 77% hybrid; 17% virtual only; 6% in person only

•Church Kids & Youth programs show 27% are operating in person only. With the public narrative being polluted and intellectual dishonest Parents and Churches are stressed. However, do not miss the gap between what churches are offering and what parents are facing. That gap is real and pressured packed for many.

With this data information what can be done in a church context to impact our children? So that we do not miss the obvious; simply inserting a “plug & play” facility-based” program into a digital platform will not work. Interestingly teaching children to become leaders and make a difference in their community is a gold-mine of opportunity for innovation. Set action goals on specific community-oriented activities. Screens Discipleship is fast becoming method to accelerate goal completion.

In conjunction to our children, the question that needs a response is; How are we equipping Parents to have better conversations with their children about the social/national disruption that is dominating media? Parents are not the hinderance to influencing our children. Best strategy is to include and equip parents during this disruption.

Perhaps the Kids and Youth departments in churches could host webinars or similar learning platforms on current issues, discipling children, technology for parents, or how to make Mental Health & Anxiety discussible at home. Gen-Z’ers are the most connected digitally and yet the most disconnected socially.

Our lives Pre/Post COVID will remain hybrid! Screens and in person interaction will continue to be part of the national rhythm of daily life. Because this pandemic is an accelerator of problems that were already present, there has been a 40% increase in counseling agencies “hotline” numbers. Ironically there has been a 50% reduction of child abuse cases during COVID in some states. This is not to say abuse is occurring less, but that children are not in touch with counselors or coaches that can see the warning signs.

The Fuller Youth Institute is a great resource.


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