Takane and Hana Pt. 2 (with Kelly Quinn Chiu)


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Covers volumes 10–18 of Takane and Hana by Yuki Shiwasu (that's the second half of the series).

Takane is 27. Hana is 17. They're arranged marriage partners, and they're finally read to admit that they're in love. Shojo & Tell host Ashley and librarian Kelly are back to discuss how this age-gap romance wrapped up its story with a blissfully minimal amount of squick but still a high amount of disappointment. That's what the drama was between Takane and his mom and the whole Takaba corporation? Takane and Hana have to get married right now? Hana ends up just as a housewife? But we did get something great in the end: a possible OT3 with Yukari, Kirigasaki, and Rino.



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