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Ensuring deep participation in the financial ecosystem and lowering the barriers to entry - that's what PayPal's mission is all about. On this episode of Shunya One, Shiladitya and Amit are joined by Guru Bhat, who talks about the role PayPal plays in India and how it's helping businesses of all shapes and sizes, and tons more. Guru calls the payments business as a crowded one as there are many players in the market currently. Guru talks about how PayPal has over 377 million customers and counting with 1000 joining them on a daily basis, how PayPal is very efficient in dealing with fraud that may take place over the internet, the global rise of cryptocurrency and what PayPal's plans around crypto are, and lots more. He also shares how every single employee at PayPal has the ability to own stocks. This and so much more with Guru Bhat, VP Customer Success Platform.

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