Family Goals - Simple Ken | EP 29


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Simple Ken is hosted by Kenny Sebastian, A stand up comedian known for his observational humour and quirky stage presence.
A simple podcast about tackling the weekly conflicts of a comedian.
A strictly "no advice" podcast.
I know I took a 4 month break ( I say 6 months by mistake in the video), I just wanted to say that I did release three crowd work videos in the middle during that period (so likeeee) . It has been quite hectic but I wanted to come back to SimpleKen when I truly missed it and wanted to come back to it! And boy it feels good to be back! I hope you guys have had a good few months in between. Whatever I experienced has come out nicely in this episode. We discuss a wide range of questions in this episode from making really hard career choices at a young age, being frustrated by the relationships (family) in your life and the pursuit of happiness. A lot of covered and a lot is shared.
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