3 Reasons You Should Be Retailing in Your Spa


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Are you afraid of selling retail? Interested in doubling your income? Maybe you’re not selling as much product as you wish you were. Selling retail can built trust with your clients and even help you retain them as loyal customers. Now is the time to capitalize on this! Today we are bringing you the facts on how retail can change the game for you PLUS we answer listener questions like: how to say no and what you should do when you receive a bad review online.

Today We Talk About:

  • How to sell without selling and ways to make retail fun
  • The 3X Phenomenon
  • Practicing boundaries by holding clients accountable
  • Finding your happy boundary bubble. When you say no to someone else you are saying yes to you
  • Using bad reviews as a prompt to process, self-reflect & service-reflect
  • Ways to appreciate the chill when you are having a slow day or week

Glow Tip of the Week: Our favorite ways to flip client cancellations into a nice experience for yourself: Take a walk, give yourself a facial, take a nap, organize your drawers, update your website.

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