Full Show (Cowboys 1st practice, Herro says Bron is Miami's best, Giannis/Harden beef)


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00:00 USA Today’s NFL record and playoff predictions 2021

23:25 Kevin Durant: Bam Adebayo ‘gotta learn some respect’

36:00 Aaron Rodgers tops list of 10 NFL Players Facing the Most Pressure

52:05 DeAndre Hopkins, other NFL players react to NFL’s new vaccine push

1:03:00 Ezekiel Elliott hopes to rebound with focus on nutrition

1:13:31 Giannis gets last laugh on James Harden at parade

1:26:14 Aaron Rodgers to the Broncos?

1:37:53 Tyler Herro deems LeBron James as best Miami Heat player of all time

1:46:23 KD fake happy birthday singing from Team USA

1:51:17 Bucs receive new Super Bowl ring

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