Full Show (Raiders/Ravens recap, Cowboys/Chargers preview, Tom Brady, Jake Paul's boxing career, Justin Fields time in Chicago?)


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00:00 Did the Raiders win last night or did the Ravens blow it?

24:38 Will Dak be able to get a win against the Chargers on the road this weekend?

37:45 Expect Tom Brady to keep up his impressive play?

55:15 Is Aaron Rodgers’ honesty helping or hurting the team?

1:09:06 Will Jake Paul look to extend his 4-0 boxing record with a new opponent?

1:17:17 Is it time for the Bears to name Justin Fields their starter?

1:23:40 Will the Raiders make the playoffs for the first time since 2016?

1:30:23 Skip & Shannon react to LeBron’s latest workout video.

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