Full Show (Tom Brady, Richard Sherman, NBA Finals, Space Jam 2, Team USA, Conor McGregor, Dak Prescott)


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00:00 How much does Tom Brady winning a Super Bowl while injured with a torn MCL add to the GOAT’s legacy?

24:02 Skip & Shannon discuss Richard Sherman being released without bail.

38:42 Expect the Suns to bounce back after the Game 4 loss vs. the Bucks?

50:40 How will LeBron’s version of Space Jam stack up against Michael Jordan’s?

1:03:40 Should Trae Young or Ja Morant have been added to replace Bradley Beal on Team USA?

1:13:50 Did pre-existing injuries cause Conor to break his leg?

1:21:54 Expect Dak Prescott to come roaring back from his leg injury this season?

1:34:30 Chris Broussard joins to preview Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

1:46:34 Skip & Shannon discuss the report that Damian Lillard plans to request a trade in the upcoming days.

1:52:10 Agree Michael Jordan would be unstoppable if he played today?

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