Unraveling Revelation: The Kingdom of Our Lord and of His Christ


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The resurrection of the Two Witnesses 3-1/2 years into the seven-year Tribulation is followed by the sounding of the seventh trumpet, heralding the restoration of God’s kingdom on earth. Revelation 11:15 inspired George Frideric Handel to compose “The Hallelujah Chorus.” Derek gets emotional, and Sharon notes the parallels between Rev. 11:18 and Psalm 2:1–6—God’s response to the vain plots of the kings of the earth. SkyWatchTV has been banned by YouTube! Please follow SkyWatchTV on Rumble: www.rumble.com/c/skywatchtv. Join us in Israel this fall! For details on the 2021 SkyWatchTV Israel Tour, visit www.SkyWatchInIsrael.com.

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