Sleepy Hollow – Deliverance (Ep 2.07)


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On this episode of Fat Pink Cast,

“It was so funny livetweeting Sleepy Hollow because there’s the mainstream Sleepy Hollow hashtag, and then there’s Sleepy Holla, and Shady Hollow and like, oh man; it was like a hive mind. Like five people tweeted at once ‘I hope the succubus eats Hawley.’ EAT HIM!”

“There’s a rainbow coming out of my vagina, be gone Moloch!”

“Ichabod’s the undocumented immigrant voter fraud that the Republicans are worried about.”

“They drove to a church instead of a Planned Parenthood, mistake #1.”

“They could have kidnapped an OBGYN, a handsome Korean American OBGYN played by Daniel Henney.”

“She’s like Nancy Drew, but black.”

“I’ve never disliked Ichabod more than this entire episode.”

“I can’t believe they didn’t have Katrina say, ‘I’ve been putting myself in danger and this is how you’re gonna talk to me?’ to Ichabod.”

“There are a lot of unloved people in this world who are still not harbingers of the Apocalypse.”

theorlandojones showed up in that episode literally to chauffeur two white men around.”

“I’m glad Reyes is back so that this episode can pass the Bechdel Test despite how overwhelmingly sexist it is.”

Here’s what you missed last time around:

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What’s up next:

Correction: Succubi are running amok—we jumped the gun because we’ve been missing some good story for a long time now. Next NEXT week is the Mills Sisters episode. We’ll be tracking the entire season of Sleepy Hollow and ringing in the midseason break with a very special Outlander episode!

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