Sleepy Hollow – Tempus Fugit (Ep 2.18)


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Join FatPinkCast as we go back in time to remember when Sleepy Hollow was pretty darn good. It might be our last trip on the S.S. Ichabbie…

In this podcast, we talk about the series—cough—season finale of Sleepy Hollow. We follow the Leftenant Nicole Awesome Beharie on her adventures in the 70’s…(the 1770s), Marvel as she meets up with alternate universe Ichabod—complete with pilgrim hat. Observe awkwardly as Ben Franklin calls her a dream boat and squeal when she meets Granny Grace. This is why Irving wasn’t going “If you want him, you can buy him on eBay.”

Here’s what you missed last time around:

Sleepy Hollow- Awakening
Katrina makes some questionable decisions. Abbie and Ichabod go to Home Depot…

What’s next:

Is Game of Thrones back yet? Will it be sad? Will Sleepy Hollow be renewed? Tell us what youd like us to cover next!?

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