Sleepy Hollow – This is War (Ep 2.01)


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Before Sleepy episode 2.2—The Kindred airs tonight, here’s our recap of 2.1—This is War!

Find out fascinating information such as when did the term “alarm clock” come into fashion? What’s up with Ben Frankin’s modern day Philly accent and why did he advocate for sleeping with older women? Why is Katrina similar to an iphone? How many times did we utter the word “cute” in relation to (hashtag) Ichabbie?

Come travel up the Hudson River with us (at your own risk).

Here’s what you missed last time around:

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What up next:

FPC crosses fingers and clicks their heels together in hope that Katrina will spend at least one episode out of captivity (no shade). We’ll also be recapping The Kindred.

As always, you can always catch us on our tumblr or on itunes under FatPinkCast! (or rather, you should be able to find Sleepy recaps under a separate series-specific feed, Sleepy Pink Cast, as soon as itunes stops being a pain in the ass)

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