Corporate Bitch and The Branding Queen with Shari Hoffman


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When you’ve been dubbed a bitch because you’d rather be efficient than chatty it’s time shed that role and do you! It’s time to get real when it comes to showing the world who you are and my guest, Shari Hoffman is a shining star when it comes to ditching the bitch title and creating an empire of her own while raising two smart and opinionated girls.

Shari and I chatted about:

  • The moment she realized corporate life was not for her
  • How she disassociated with phrases like “mompreneur” and even “entrepreneur”
  • Why being authentic is more than just a trend
  • The scary leap Shari took as a business owner
  • Why women have to stop apologizing all the time

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About Shari Hoffman

Shari is a Branded Merch Curator with her own branding agency. She’s a mom, a business owner, and a badass. She’s a leader that empowers people on her team to feel like owners of the company. Shari has not only created a brand that is unapologetic but she has allowed herself to show up unapologetic and unfiltered throughout her life.

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