Pandemics and Event Planners with Brittnie Wilkinson


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When you’ve got this voice screaming in your head over and over, telling you to follow your gut, and ultimately your dream career - you’ve got no choice but to listen.

Brittnie Wilkinson was a successful Event Strategist for an established event company, one night, during a dinner with her dad, she expressed she felt ready to step away from her career and start her own business. His response was surprising and put many wheels into motion, pretty damn quickly.

Brittnie and I chatted about:

  • What happens to a new event company when a pandemic happens
  • How family support can boost your success
  • What happens when a working mom stays home (it’s not what you think)
  • Why shifting means making decisions even when you’re not ready

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Wilkinson Events

Seattle SHE-EO Podcast

About Brittnie Wilkinson

Brittnie is a Creative Leader, Event Strategist, and lover of Marketing. She serves as the Director of Programs for the National Association for Catering and Events. Brittnie is the host of her own podcast “The Seattle She-EO” and a mom of 2 energetic boys. Her husband assists with the Wilkinson Event empire, helping create memorable in-person and live events, along with social media marketing strategy.

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