Jenn Ennis: How great advice on pricing your services plus one confidence-boosting project can change your business


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Having a full service agency was not a business that Jenn Ennis planned for when she started offering graphic design services as a freelancer back in 2014.

Jenn credits a series of small pivotal moments in her journey adding up to the business she has now.

In this episode we explore the small but mighty moments, including a lesson in pricing that set her up for success, and how one project can change your confidence and the trajectory of your business.

Jenn is the proud wife of an actor, and mom to three boys. A graphic designer by trade, and over 15 years of working in brand development and design, Jenn founded Jennis Design Co. in 2014. JDCO is a full-service creative agency specializing in practical brand strategy and cohesive design solutions for print and digital marketing. Jenn is also the co-host of the Raising Mom Podcast.

On this episode of Small But Mighty Agency:
9:58: Starting out as a boutique graphic design services and becoming a creative agency

11:25: How new hires helped her expand her scope of services

12:29: Landing her first 5 figure client and how it changed the business

15:19: How to price your services

18:08: When increasing your prices does and doesn’t make sense

21:47: Why transform a creative agency into a digital agency

26:51: What does it mean to switch to a leadership mindset
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