#255 - Sleigh Bells & Slaughter - Minden, Louisiana


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This week, in Minden, Louisiana, a scene of carnage greets family members, as they arrive for a big Christmas dinner, resulting in a complete freak out from the entire small town, and making it not very safe for any potential Santa Clauses to visit. Pure incompetence made this brutality possible by allowing two dangerous felons to walk right out the front door of the county jail, and unleashing havoc on the area. A holiday manhunt follows, taking investigators all over the country, before bringing these heartless killers back to jail, and making the electric chair an option!!

Along the way, we find out that Scottish enjoys watching herding take place, that you shouldn't shout your accomplices name during a robbery, and that bad things often happen to decent people!!

Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman

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