Brad Stevens | Delegating, Outsourcing, and Managing a Virtual Team


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Brad Stevens is a lifetime entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Outsource Access, an offshore managed virtual services firm that has built over 200 staff in just 18 months — and is projected to hit 500 in 2021. Brad is an expert in scaling, automation, outsourcing, and high-performance virtual teams. He is also a keynote speaker through his firm, Brad Stevens Training International. He has shared stages with John Maxwell, Deepak Chopra and advised Martin Luther King III. He speaks primarily on agility and scaling for CEO peer groups.

Brad has been heavily involved in Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) and is currently the President of the Atlanta Chapter of EO. He has also been involved in some philanthropic efforts including launching Virtual Assistants Give Back, a documentary film made about his firm. He was also selected to run a think-tank on economic growth at the United Nations headquarters. Brad also has a new podcast called Automate and Delegate.

Brad Stevens, the Founder and CEO of Outsource Access, is John Corcoran's guest in this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast, where he talks about delegating, outsourcing, and managing a virtual team. Brad explains how he built a 270+ employee firm, the challenges he faced along the way, and how being a member of Entrepreneurs' Organization has impacted his life.

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