Jon Sherman | [SpotOn Restaurant Recovery Series] Surviving the Pandemic with a 13-Location Manhattan-Based Quick Serve Restaurant Chain


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Jon Sherman is the Co-founder and CEO of Sticky's Finger Joint, a New York-based chicken finger restaurant chain. He started his career working in finance for J.P. Morgan and Bridgewater Associates before hearing the call of the chicken fingers. With zero restaurant experience — but a dream of building the best chicken finger experience on Earth — Jon opened the first Sticky's in 2012. Over the last eight years, Sticky's has grown to 14 locations throughout New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. It has also been featured on the Food Network, Travel Channel, and ABC, and hosted events featuring the likes of Big Boi, Travis Scott, and Sheck Wes.

Jon Sherman, the Co-founder and CEO of Sticky's Finger Joint, joins John Corcoran in this episode of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast to talk about how his business has been recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Jon also explains why he decided to start a chicken fingers business, the strategy he used to lay off some of his employees, and how he has been diversifying the food joint.

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